Bernardo Chua Expands Organo Gold into Turkey

Of the many gourmet coffee companies that have become successful, one company in particular has stood out as being one of the healthiest and most delicious brands to choose from. With many health benefits associated with this brand of coffee, medical bills have been made cheaper. This gourmet coffee brand is Organo Gold which was founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua, one of the leaders of the direct sales industry. As a business owner as well as an expert of the Organo Gold product, Mr. Chua has mostly been promoting the health benefits of the product to the four corners of the world. As this gourmet brand specifically caters to those that live active lifestyles, one sip of this delicious coffee will leave anyone energetic and ready for the day to come. Whether in the early morning or in the afternoon, a cup of Organo Gold coffee will improve any part of the day.

As an expert in the multi-level marketing industry, Bernardo Chua has catered his company towards those that are looking for a job. Whether an individual is looking to work independently, or looking for a full-time job, working at Organo Gold offers a multitude of possibilities. The only requirement for working with the Organo Gold company is to have a passion for what is being sold. Individuals around the world have the right to learn the truth about the product from friends and families. Thanks to Bernardo Chua, over one million individuals around the world now have successful jobs.

Organo Gold is an international company that has recently announced the company’s expansion into Turkey. As Turkey is known for some of the world’s best coffee, Bernardo Chua is truly excited about this newly presented opportunity. This recent information marks Organo Gold’s collaboration with over 39 different countries around the world. The new branch in Turkey is also significant because it now gives a direct link for the company into Europe, Africa, as well as into Asia. This newly created branch presents so many new opportunities for the expansion of the company into other countries around the world.

Highland Capital Management Teams Up With Linda Owen

In a bid to fully manage its charitable activities, Highland Capital Management has joined up with Linda Owen. Her role will be to provide a strategic direction to the philanthropic activities of the firm as they continue to expand. According to the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero, the company needed a professional to help it increase the impact of its contributions. He believes that Linda Owen’s proven track record of establishing effective private-public partnerships in Dallas and her similar vision to that of the company will help her help the company make a tangible difference in the community.

Through The Dallas Foundation, Highland Capital Management contributes approximately $3 million annually. Its aim is to assist in healthcare provision, education and veterans causes. Some of the beneficiaries include the Center for Brain Health, Petrot Museum of Nature and Science, the Dallas Zoo, Snowball Express, Uplift Education, American Heart Association and the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. Its contributions also go beyond funding. The firm’s top executives and Dondero offer their expertise in boards and leadership roles in organizations.

Linda Owen is excited about the new opportunity. According to her, she is looking forward to working alongside Highland Capital. She currently serves as a civic leader in Dallas and is a former president of the Woodwall Rodgers Park Foundation. Linda Owen started her career at the law firm Wald, Harkrader and Ross as a real estate associate. She graduated from the University of Texas with two degrees, one in BA in Economics and the other in law. Throughout her career, Linda has been involved in philanthropic organizations. They include Crystal Charity Ball, the Circuit Trail Conservancy, and the Family Place.

James Dondero has over thirty years’ experience in the credit markets. Before establishing Highland Capital Management, he worked at Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary as the Chief Investment Officer. He also had the opportunity to work at American Express where he managed fixed income funds. James Dondero has a rich education background. He graduated from the University of Virginia specializing in finance and accounting. He is also a Certified Management Accountant and a Certified Financial Analyst.

Talk Fusion: The Vision Coming to Light

Talk Fusion will celebrate ten years next year, and that, in and of itself, is quite an achievement. It can be quite difficult to keep anything going for that long of a period of time, especially in today’s economy. However, if you have an idea that people can really cling to, get behind, and get something out of, it is obtainable, without a shadow of a doubt. Talk Fusion is all about helping out stay-at-home business owners and also people looking to stay connected with people they care about in a variety of ways. They are all about helping others.

When it comes to stay-at-home business owners, they give you everything you need and then some to get off the ground and get running in motion. If you aren’t moving, you are sitting still and that is never a good thing if you want to run a business. As they say, there is no time like the present to get started on your business. If you are into arts and crafts, you might want to start an arts and crafts business. Talk Fusion allows you to network with people in your community thanks to video conferences. There are many groups devoted to arts and crafts. You can connect with them, chat with them, reach out them, and stay in touch with them. You can show off, first-hand, some of the products that you have created. There is nothing quite like a visual to show off what you have done.

When it comes to staying in touch with loved ones, you can see their real-life faces and connect with them thanks to video email. You can send out as long of an email as you would like and you can let them keep it close to them. if you want to wish them a happy birthday, you can do that. If you want to send them words of encouragement, you can also do that. They can keep that video near and dear to them whenever they are feeling down in the dumps or having a bad day and it will lift their spirits.

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Eric Pulier Is a Technology Titan

The technology industry has allowed many people to become very successful in a short period of time. The amount of stories of people amassing incredible fortunes is staggering. However, it takes a very creative mind to become a success in an industry that is always changing. Eric Pulier has proven himself to be such an individual. Eric has started many different tech companies. Very few other people have shown his ability to constantly come up with new and original ideas for companies that the public will quickly embrace. His genius when it comes to getting new companies up and running has made him a person who is always in demand.

Eric Pulier was born and raised in New Jersey. There was nothing extraordinary about Eric’s childhood. He was not raised by rich parents. He enjoyed the simple things in life. He played with his friends and built tree houses. He also had a very large collection of action figures. Interestingly, there was nothing in Eric’s life during his formative years that would indicate what his future career path would be. In fact, he showed absolutely no interest in technology whatsoever. He liked to read in his spare time. He developed a passion for all of the classic novels. This made him decide to major in English literature when he finally was accepted into Harvard University.

Eric finished his degree program. However, his desire to teach English literature had almost completely disappeared by the time he graduated. He was nervous because he had just spent four years earning a degree that he knew would most likely never be used. The technology boom was already in full swing at this time. Eric fell in love with the idea of creating his own startup company. He got the financing together and asked a few of his close friends to help him with the launch. The company became very profitable in just a few months. He decided to sell it and move on to a different startup. This began his passion for startup companies that would eventually make him very well known in the world of technology.

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Giving Back & Persisting Towards Your Future With Eric Pulier

Another Way to IT Staffing Solutions

The information technology sector is in dire need of qualified IT professionals to fill multiple positions throughout the industry. There have been considerable demands for such experienced and reliable professionals and mixed success in finding them from the limited crop of university and college graduates each year. That is why a company like Diversant LLC is so successful and integral to the continued growth of the IT industry within the United States.

Diversant LLC has been an industry leader in IT consultant placement because of its different approach to identifying and placing talent. It all starts with treating potential employees with respect and holding them in equal regard to potential clients. This balanced approach helps draw the best talent to Diversant because the consultants know that they will be treated fairly and placed with stable companies. Diversant identifies these companies by forming direct relationships with owners and managements within the target companies. These relationships assure that Diversant always knows what positions and goals the client is trying to accomplish. That means more negotiating power when placing their IT consultants with their client partners and longer term work with less transition from business to business and more consistency for consultants.

This balanced approach to consultant placement and client relationship isn’t an industry wide standard. A large influence on the formation of this policy came from John Goullet, the Principal Executive of Diversant LLC’s Leadership Board. Goullet joined the company in 2010 when his own business, Info Technologies merged with Diversant to form the LLC business. Both companies had a long history of IT staffing success and strong ethics which only grew after joining. Mr. Goullet brought with him 22-years of experience that was critical to the current policies and direction of Diversant, especially their placement policies. As a graduate of Ursinus College and longtime industry innovator, Mr. Goullet has the education and practical experience to continue developing such beneficial policies and programs as the Diversant hiring model.

A Hair Week with WEN by CHAZ

The WEN hair care line [] is a creation by Chaz Dean. WEN by Chaz boasts of products that do well for any hair type in the market. One of the line’s products is the WEN Cleansing conditioner which is actually an all-in-one shampoo. Emily Mcclure decided to test WEN Cleansing Conditioner out of curiosity. She wanted to use the conditioner so as to transform her thin hair into luscious strands. Emily went with the Sephora endorsed Fig version of the conditioner that promises to give hair moisture and luster. She tested the product in 7 days and reported her experience.

From Emily’s first day of using the total beauty product, she pointed out the amount of pumps recommended on the label. The label suggests using 10-16 pumps of the conditioner for short hair. She decided to go with 10 pumps. She followed every direction in using the product and later blow-dried her hair. She noticed that no hair was falling off while using the WEN Cleansing Conditioner. This turned out to be a great result. On following day, she followed the same routine in washing her hair and had a shiny look. Emily stated she loved the after-look of her hair.

On the third day of her hair cleansing, she decided to see how other products would go with the Wen hair. She used other products like texturing paste and heat protectant. At the end of that day, she was impressed that her hair looked healthy and shiny. Emily reported that her friends also started noticing her shiny hair at social places. She began to appreciate that WEN boosted her confidence about her hair.

After her little experiment, she concluded that WEN Cleansing Conditioner is an awesome product. She would recommend to anyone. Emily emphasized that users need to be consistent when using WEN so as to achieve wonderful results. According to her, She would use the conditioner again especially for some extra shine. Emily McClure reported this experiment’s result on Bustle.


JustFab Is Riding The Success Wave

The LA Times recently did an article about JustFab. JustFab is a subscription-based sales company that has stood the test of time. JustFab began as a company that sold only women’s shoes, but now they are known as an online delivery company that is able to give women inexpensive yoga pants, shoes, and handbags. JustFab has more than 4 million members, and they are consistently and continually growing strong. JustFab has attached itself to other brands such as Fabletics, Shoe Dazzle, and FabKids.

Read more: JustFab heads toward IPO even as other subscription start-ups struggle

Many subscription-based companies have been struggling lately, and the funding for these type of companies has gone down $35 million in its first quarter of this year. JustFab has been able to hold its own in this arena, and they stand out as true survivors in this tough industry. JustFab did receive some complaints from members that stated that their membership program was confusing and dishonest. JustFab had to make some adjustments to their sales model, and they were able to come out on top. They were able to make some improvements on their membership policy as well, and they made sure that everything became completely transparent to those individuals that were and are interested in becoming members.

Two years ago JustFab was able to get the “unicorn” status and they had reached a value of one billion dollars. One of the cofounders of JustFab acknowledged the fact that they had to improve some aspects of their customer service, but they were able to learn from their mistakes, and find new ways to keep their current customers happy and coming back. JustFab is able to offer their clients inexpensive items that are high quality, and they also offer an amazing shopping experience. Shoppers are able to enjoy huge savings because JustFab makes its own products. JustFab is truly a company that stands in a class of their own, because they have been able to beat some minor controversies and come out as a subscription-based sales company that is making money and moving ahead. See:

The Good And The Bad Side Of Laidlaw’s Investment Banking Services.

A year ago, TheStreet blog wrote a post regarding two warring companies; Relmada stockholders and Laidlaw & Company. Relmada had previously sued Laidlaw and its bosses Matthew Eitner and James Ahern. The two firms were in a mutual business relation. Laidlaw had over provided investment banking services to Relmada. At One Time Relmada Company realized that Laidlaw and Company was releasing misleading and false proxy materials with the intent of taking control of them. The false proxy information is what saw the two companies before the judge. After analyzing the case, the court ordered Laidlaw Company and its bosses to either stop releasing the false information or correct that which was already in public eyes.

Personally, I have known this company, both the good and the bad side of it. The company is known by some, for violating U.S financial regulations. With this kind of behavior, most people seeking their services end up facing sanctions and monetary penalties. This particular drawback has seen the company create a poor reputation among some of the U.S people. When it comes to the good side of the company, it is known to be the best company providing investment banking and wealth management to organizations or individuals both in the U.S and the UK.

Other than the investment banking services, Laidlaw & Company also provides additional financial services. Some of the helpful services that the company provides include; fairness opinions, balance sheet optimizations, management led-layouts, recapitalizations, stock repurchases, joint partnering transactions, mergers, and divestitures among other beneficial services. I believe it’s their friendly way of operation and these flexible banking options that have seen the company win at least many of the population’s trust both in the U.S and the UK.

The company’s strong work ethics and ‘thinking beyond the box’ approach have seen it distribute financial solutions to a large number of individuals and institutions. The company comprises of a brilliant executive team which is well versed in the banking field. The company’s C.E.O Matthew Eitner boasts of his organization being in a position to assist upcoming companies quickly raise their capital through a high retail force. According to me, it is this particular retail power that foresees their clients develop financially.

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Solo Capital CEO Sanjay Shah Prepares For Autism Rocks Festival

Solo Capital CEO Sanjay Shah Denmark and his wife Usha will be hosting this year’s Autism Rocks music festival. The fun-filled charity event was created to way to raise money for autism awareness.

Shah created the charity in 2011 after his youngest son, Nekhil, was diagnosed with autism. This year’s event will feature musical guests Tyga and Flo Rida.

Shah, based in Dubai, but raised in London, is out to change people’s perceptions about individuals suffering from autism. Shah says he feels he has a personal stake in the game since his own son is suffering from the neurological disorder.

In Autism Rocks inaugural year, the charity raised over $600,000 for autism research. They also had performances Prince, Lennie Kravitz, Michael Buble and Drake. “We chose Flo Rida to perform thi year because he is well-known by the younger audiences,” said Usha. Aside from music, a number of activities will be available including a petting zoo, laser tag and a bouncy castle.

Shah was born and raised in London by parents of Indian descent. He was groomed to be a doctor and even practiced for a while. Shah says he soon became bored and decided he wanted to do something else. “Not everyone is cut out to be a doctor. After a couple of years, I decided it wasn’t for me.”

Shah soon changed occupations and decided he wanted to be an accountant. After working for one of the largest firms in the industry, he found that working long hours chained to a desk wasn’t something he wanted. The banking crisis of 2008 hit the company worked for hard. Many of the workers, including Shah, found themselves out of a job.

This was the opportunity he was waiting for. He opened his own small office in northern London and hired a few assistants. Within a year, Solo Capital had earned over $1 million. Today, it’s one of the largest firms in London with an estimated worth of $600,000 million. Shah is very thankful for the wealth he has accumulated but feels he has more pressing issues to take care of. And as far as he’s concerned, family comes first.


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Dick DeVos Gives to Kennedy Center

The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is one of America’s premier non-profit arts organizations. Over three million people visit the center annually. In 2015, this prestigious organization surpassed its fundraising goal. In no small part, this was due to donors such as Dick DeVos.

The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation gave a staggering one million dollars to the Kennedy Center in 2015. This generosity is nothing unusual for the DeVos family; however, it is far more than the average gift the Kennedy Center receives. The funds are to be applied to the planned expansion of the Kennedy Center, which is expected to be completed for 2018.

Born in Michigan, Dick DeVos is well known for his business acumen. DeVos heads the Windquest Group, a private investment management firm. In the past, he held leadership positions with the Orlando Magic, and with Amway. However, DeVos realizes that a big part of success is giving back. He advocates for volunteerism, tutoring, and other constructive behaviors that benefit communities as a whole.

Dick and Betsy DeVos are both very involved in public service. They have a particular interest in education in Michigan. As a graduate of the Grand Rapids public school system, Dick DeVos has been disappointed in the current levels of achievement in the city in recent years. Dick served on the Michigan State Board of Education for two years.

In addition to their philanthropy in the arts world, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation gives generally to education-related charities. These include Children First America, American Education Reform Council, and Choices for Children, among others.